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Bus Service 965
& From Weston
Valid from 31 August 2014
First Leeds, First Customer Services Hunslet Park Leeds West Yorkshire LS10 1PL
Tel: 08456045460
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Service Number965965965965965965965965965965
Otley Bus Station0726075608310901093110011031110111311201
Wharfedale Hospital084209130943
Chippendale Rise0740081008460917094710161046111611461216
Otley Bus Station0747081708540925095510261056112611561226
Service Number965965965965965965965965965965
Otley Bus Station1231130113311401143115011531160116311701
Wharfedale Hospital1712
Chippendale Rise1246131613461416144615161546161616461716
Otley Bus Station1256132613561425145515251555162516551724
Service Number965965965965965965965965965965
Otley Bus Station1731181518451915195020202050212021552220
Wharfedale Hospital174218261856192620002030
Chippendale Rise1746183019001930200420342102213222072232
Otley Bus Station1754183819081938201220422108213822132238
Service Number965965
Otley Bus Station22552315
Chippendale Rise23072327
Otley Bus Station23132333
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Service 965

Outbound From:
Crossgate, Boroughgate, Market Place, Kirkgate, Clapgate, Bridge Street, Billams Hill, Weston Lane, Weston Drive, Meagill Rise, Weston Drive, Weston Lane, Newall Carr Road, Newall Carr Road, The Crescent, The Crossways, Chippendale Rise, Farnley Lane, Billams Hill, Bridge Street, Cattle Market Street, North Parade, Wesley Street, Boroughgate, Crossgate, Crossgate, Crossgate.