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Bus Service 91
Towards Halton Moor
Valid from 30 August 2015
First Leeds, First West Yorkshire Customer Relations Leeds West Yorkshire LS10 1PL
Tel: 0113 381 5000
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Service Number91919191919191919191
Pudsey Bus Station0558063006500715074508320907093710071037
Swinnow Broad Lane0607063906590725075508420915094510151045
Bramley Shopping Centre0612064507050732080308500923095310231053
Kirkstall Sports Centre0620065407150745081709010933100310331103
Shaw Lane0627070207260800083209120942101210421112
Harehills Ln/York Rd0648072307560835090409391009103911091139
Halton Moor0658073308070848091709491019104911191149
Service Number91919191919191919191
Pudsey Bus Station1107113712071237130713371407143715071550
Swinnow Broad Lane1115114512151245131513451415144515151558
Bramley Shopping Centre1123115312231253132413541424145515251606
Kirkstall Sports Centre1133120312331303133414041434150515351616
Shaw Lane1142121212421312134414141444151615461627
Harehills Ln/York Rd1209123913091339141114411514155016201700
Halton Moor1219124913191349142214521527160316331711
Service Number919191919191919191
Pudsey Bus Station163017101747181418401921202521252225
Swinnow Broad Lane163817181755182218481928203121312231
Bramley Shopping Centre164617261802182818541934203521352235
Kirkstall Sports Centre165617361812183719031943204321432243
Shaw Lane170717471822184619111951205021502250
Harehills Ln/York Rd174018201852190919322012211022102310
Halton Moor175118311903192019422020211722172317
Neville Road at Cartmell Drive2319
Code: ZZ Adjoining or near Railway Station
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Service 91 Halton Moor - Pudsey

Outbound From:
Pudsey Bus Station, Church Lane, Lidget Hill, Richardshaw Lane, Town Street, Stanningley Road, Swinnow Lane, Broad Lane, Upper Town Street, Lower Town Street, Lower Town Street Stocks Hill, Lower Town Street, Waterloo Lane, Broad Lane, Wyther Lane, Bridge Road, Kirkstall Lane, North Lane, Otley Road, Shaw Lane, Grove Lane, Stainbeck Road, Stainbeck Lane, Scott Hall Road, Stainbeck Lane, Harrogate Road, Harehills Lane, York Road, Osmondthorpe Lane, Neville Parade, Halton Moor Avenue, Neville Road, Cartmell Drive, Coronation Parade, Ullswater Crescent.
Inbound From:
Ullswater Crescent, Neville Road, Halton Moor Avenue, Neville Parade, Osmondthorpe Lane, Harehills Lane, Harrogate Road, Stainbeck Lane, Stainbeck Road, Grove Lane, Shaw Lane, Otley Road, North Lane, Kirkstall Lane, Commercial Road, Savins Mill Way, Bridge Road, Wyther Lane, Broad Lane, Waterloo Lane, Lower Town Street, Lower Town Street Stocks Hill, Lower Town Street, Upper Town Street, Broad Lane, Swinnow Lane, Stanningley Road, Town Street, Richardshaw Lane, Lidget Hill, Church Lane, Pudsey Bus Station.