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Bus Service 762
Towards Ilkley
Valid from 30 August 2015
Keighley and District, Cavendish House 91-93 Cavendish Street Keighley West Yorkshire BD21 3DG
Tel: (01535) 603284
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Service Number762762762762762762762762762762
Keighley Bus Station0555065007200750082008500920095010201050
Steeton Primary School0603065807280758082808580928095810281058
Silsden Elliott Street0607070207320802083209020932100210321102
Silsden Park Green0609070507350805083509050935100510351105
Silsden Kings Arms0612070807380808083809080938100810381108
Addingham Moor Park Way0620071607460816084609160946101610461116
Ilkley Rail StationZZ0632073008000830090009301000103011001130
Service Number762762762762762762762762762762
Keighley Bus Station1120115012201250132013501420145015201550
Steeton Primary School1128115812281258132813581428145815281558
Silsden Elliott Street1132120212321302133214021432150215321602
Silsden Park Green1135120512351305133514051435150515351605
Silsden Kings Arms1138120812381308133814081438150815381608
Addingham Moor Park Way1146121612461316134614161446151615461616
Ilkley Rail StationZZ1200123013001330140014301500153016001630
Service Number762762762762762762762762
Keighley Bus Station1620165017201750182018501925202521252225
Steeton Primary School1628165817281758182818581933203321332233
Airedale Hospital Grounds2037
Silsden Elliott Street1632170217321802183219021937204521372237
Silsden Park Green1635170517351805183419041939204721392239
Silsden Bridge Street1638170817381808183719071942205021422242
Silsden Kings Arms163817081738180818371942205021422242
Addingham Moor Park Way164617161746181618451950205821502250
Ilkley Rail StationZZ170017301800183018572002211022022302
Code: ZZ Adjoining or near Railway Station
B Runs via Airedale Hospital Grounds
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Service 762 Ilkley - Keighley

Outbound From:
Keighley Bus Station, Bow St, North St, Skipton Rd, Keighley Road, Station Rd, Keighley Rd, Elliott Street, Woodside Road, Skipton Road, Bridge Street, Bridge Road, Bell Square, Bolton Road, North Street, Bolton Road, Silsden Road, Addingham Wharfedale Road, Silsden Road, Main Street, Church Street, Ilkley Rd, Church St, Brook St, Ilkley Bus Station.
Inbound From:
Ilkley Bus Station, Stephensons Way, Station Road, Brook Street, New Brook Street, Church Street, Skipton Road, Ilkley Road, Church Street, Main Street, Silsden Road, Addingham Wharfedale Road, Silsden Road, Bolton Rd, A6034, Bell Square, Bridge Street, Skipton Road, Woodside Road, Elliott Street, Keighley Road, Station Road, Keighley Road, Skipton Road, North Street, Cavendish Street, Lawkholme Crescent, Towngate, Keighley Bus Station.