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Bus Service 496
Towards Pontefract & Doncaster
Valid from 21 July 2014
Arriva Yorkshire, Arriva Customer Services Freepost ANG7624 Luton LU4 8BR
Tel: 0344 8004411
Click on the buttons to see scheduled and/or live times from each stop
Service Number496496496496496496496496496496
Wakefield Bus Station0500052005500620065007250755083009000930
Crofton Cock and Crown0511053106010631070107360806084109110941
Hemsworth Bus Station0528054806180648071807530823085809280958
South Elmsall Bus StationZZ0543060306330703073308080838091309431013
Dale Lane Estate0550061006400710074008150845092009501020
Upton Rose Estate-0615-0715-0820-0925-1025
Upton Walton Road--0648-0748-0853-0958-
Red House--0656-0756-0901-1006-
Great North Road Princess Street--0701-0801-0906-1011-
Doncaster Interchange--0715-0815-0920-1025-
Service Number496496496496496496496496496496
Wakefield Bus Station1000103011001130120012301300133014001430
Crofton Cock and Crown1011104111111141121112411311134114111441
Hemsworth Bus Station1028105811281158122812581328135814281458
South Elmsall Bus StationZZ1043111311431213124313131343141314431513
Dale Lane Estate1050112011501220125013201350142014501520
Upton Rose Estate-1125-1225-1325-1425-1525
Upton Walton Road1058-1158-1258-1358-1458-
Red House1106-1206-1306-1406-1506-
Great North Road Princess Street1111-1211-1311-1411-1511-
Doncaster Interchange1125-1225-1325-1425-1525-
Service Number496496496496496496496496496496
Wakefield Bus Station1500153016001630170017301800190020002100
Crofton Cock and Crown1511154116111646171617461811191120112111
Hemsworth Bus Station1528155816281703173318031828192620262126
South Elmsall Bus StationZZ1543161316431718174818181843194120412141
Dale Lane Estate155016201650172517551825-194820482148
Upton Rose Estate-1625-1730-1830----
Upton Walton Road1558-1658-1803-----
Upton Bell Street-------195320532153
Red House1606-1706-1811-----
Great North Road Princess Street1611-1711-1816-----
Doncaster Interchange1625-1725-1830-----
Service Number496
Wakefield Bus Station2200
Crofton Cock and Crown2211
Hemsworth Bus Station2226
South Elmsall Bus StationZZ2241
Dale Lane Estate2248
Upton Bell Street2253
Code: ZZ Adjoining or near Railway Station
496...Live Times

Service 496 Doncaster - Wakefield

Outbound From:
Wakefield Bus Station, Union Street, Northgate, Westmorland Street, The Springs, Lower Warrengate, Kirkgate, Doncaster Road, Garmil Lane, Garmil Head Lane, Wakefield Road, Cross Hill, Market Street, Hemsworth Bus Station, Stand A, Hemsworth Bus Station, Southmoor Road, Kirkby Road, Hemsworth Road, White Apron Street, Barnsley Road, Doncaster Road, Kenyon Street, Doncaster Road, High Street, Mill Lane, Dale Lane, Elmsall Way, Elmsall Drive, Doncaster Road, New Lane, Common Lane, High Street, Waggon Lane, Harewood Lane, Wrangbrook Road, Tom Wood Ash Lane, Sheepwalk Lane, Wrangbrook Lane, Doncaster Road, Doncaster Road, Great North Road, York Road, North Bridge Road, Church Way, Church View, Grey Friars' Road, French Gate.
Inbound From:
Trafford Way, North Bridge Road, York Road, Great North Road, Doncaster Road, Doncaster Road, Wrangbrook Lane, Sheepwalk Lane, Tom Wood Ash Lane, Wrangbrook Road, Harewood Lane, Waggon Lane, High Street, Common Lane, New Lane, Doncaster Road, Elmsall Drive, Elmsall Way, Dale Lane, Mill Lane, High Street, Doncaster Road, Kenyon Street, Doncaster Road, Barnsley Road, White Apron Street, Hemsworth Road, Kirkby Road, Southmoor Road, Market Street, Hemsworth Bus Station, Stand C, Hemsworth Bus Station, Hemsworth Bus Station, Market Street, Cross Hill, Wakefield Road, Garmil Head Lane, Garmil Lane, Doncaster Road, Bridge Street, Doncaster Road, Kirkgate, Lower Warrengate, The Springs, Westmorland Street, Northgate, Union Street, Borough Road, Wakefield Bus Station.