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Bus Service 28
Towards Liberty Dock - Adel
Valid from 22 September 2014
First Leeds, First Customer Services Hunslet Park Leeds West Yorkshire LS10 1PL
Tel: 08456045460
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Service Number28282828282828282828
Liberty Dock070207450809083308530913093309531013
Leeds City Bus Station0711072707560820084409040924094410041024
Leeds Albion Street0716073208020826085009100930095010101030
Headingley Arndale Centre0729074508150839090309230943100310231043
Adel Derwent Drive0738075408260850091409340954101410341054
Service Number28282828282828282828
Liberty Dock1033105311131133115312131233125313131333
Leeds City Bus Station1044110411241144120412241244130413241344
Leeds Albion Street1050111011301150121012301250131013301350
Headingley Arndale Centre1103112311431203122612461306132613461406
Adel Derwent Drive1114113411541214123812581318133813581418
Service Number28282828282828282828
Liberty Dock1353141314321452151215321552161216321652
Leeds City Bus Station1404142414431503152315431603162316431703
Leeds Albion Street1410143014511511153115511611163116511711
Headingley Arndale Centre1426144615111531155116111631165117111736
Adel Derwent Drive1438145815211541160116211641170117211746
Service Number2828282828282828
Liberty Dock17121732175818181925
Leeds City Bus Station17231743180918291934203421342234
Leeds Albion Street17311751181718371939203921392239
Headingley Arndale Centre17561816183718551952205221522252
Adel Derwent Drive18061826184719062001210122012301
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Service 28 Adel - Liberty Dock

Outbound From:
Clarence Road, Atkinson Street, Goodman Street, Atkinson Street, Clarence Road, South Accommodation Road, Cross Green Lane, East Street, Duke St, St Peter's Street, Leeds Bus Station, Dyer Street, St Peter's Street, Eastgate, The Headrow, Albion St, Woodhouse Ln, Headingley Ln, Otley Rd, Weetwood Ln, Long Causeway, Sir George Martin Drive.
Inbound From:
Sir George Martin Drive, Long Causeway, Weetwood Ln, Otley Rd, Headingley Ln, Woodhouse Ln, Blenheim Walk, Woodhouse Ln, Blackman Ln, Woodhouse Ln, Albion St, The Headrow, Vicar Lane, Kirkgate, New York Street, Harper Street, New York Street, York Street, Duke Street, Crown Point Rd, Black Bull St, Chadwick St, Chadwick St South, Armouries Drive, Clarence Rd.