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  • How to develop a School Bus Scheme

    In 2004, Metro secured £18.7m capital funding from the Department for Transport (DfT) to introduce its pioneering Mybus yellow bus scheme which provides dedicated home-to-school transport throughout West Yorkshire.

    The award-winning scheme delivered a step-change in the quality of service offered for young people. Improved attendance, increased pupil confidence and readiness to learn were just some of the benefits delivered by the scheme. Mybus achieved a positive modal shift from car to bus with 64% of primary school Mybus users and 15% of secondary school Mybus pupils previously being driven to school by car.

    A range of features contributed to the success of the scheme. The following pages outline the steps Metro took to deliver an enhanced, dedicated school bus service and discusses the challenges faced. While it may not be possible to introduce all Mybus features to school services in your area, it may be possible to incorporate some of the elements that made Metro's scheme a success.

    Stage 1 identify suitable schools

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    Economic tool

    Establish cost and benefits

    Stage 2 - approach schools

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    Stage 3 build routes

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    Stage 4 tenders and contracts

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    Stage 5 driver training

    Stage 6 Call Centre

    Stage 7 promote it


    The Mybus Scheme design brochure (pdf, 371k) provides all of the information above in one document.

    Metro has also produced some case studies (pdf, 2.61mb) that provide further information about the Mybus scheme.

    What's the business case for Dedicated School Bus operation in your area?

    Use Metro's specially developed economic tool to find out your business case

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